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5 Craft Beer Selections You Should Order This Fall October 5, 2017

Lakeville, Dakota
5 Craft Beer Selections You Should Order This Fall , Lakeville, Minnesota

There’s nothing better than a frosty craft beer to end a hard week. As the days get shorter and the leaves start to change colors, your taste of beer might change too. Folks in the Lakeville, MN, area can spend the season sipping on the many craft beers at Mainstreet Coffee & Wine Bar.

Here are their suggestions of beers to enjoy at Mainstreet Coffee & Wine Bar this fall:

  • craft beerMudPuppy Porter: You have to try this brew from Central Waters Brewing in Amherst, WI. At 5.5% abv, this craft beer has a delicious chocolate-like nose and a thick, rocky head.
  • Three Pepper Hard Cider: Put Three Pepper Hard Cider on your list of “unique” drinks at Mainstreet Coffee & Wine Bar. This cider is a small batch limited edition, so don’t wait to taste it. A sip reveals the essence of fresh cut poblano, habanero, and jalapeño peppers. As you might guess from the name, this cider has a kick, but it also possesses a sweet finish.
  • Gin Botanical Hard Cider: If you like clean and refreshing, this cider is for you. It consists of orange rind, juniper, cucumber, and verbena. Gin Botanical Hard Cider has a 6.9% abv and is semi-dry.  
  • Reposado: Enjoy this drink made from Wyder’s Hard Pear Cider and infused with smooth notes of oak-laden tequila. It comes from Wyder’s Cidery in Middlebury, VT, with a 6.9% abv.
  • Fat Tire: If you’re not into porters or ciders, consider a Fat Tire. This amber ale has a smooth finish and comes with a 5.2% abv from Fort Collins, CO.

Craft beer lovers along with wine and specialty coffee drinkers will be delighted with the extensive menu at Mainstreet Coffee & Wine Bar. Drawing customers from Farmington, Apple Valley, Burnsville, and Prior Lake, this café has it all. Call (952) 985-7650 to speak with a knowledgeable associate or visit their website to see their bar menu.

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