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A Business Law Attorney on Wrongful Termination Laws June 19, 2017

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A Business Law Attorney on Wrongful Termination Laws, Dothan, Alabama

As an employer in Dothan, AL, having a clear understanding of business law is crucial. This is especially true when it comes to terminating employees, which must be done correctly to ensure legal compliance. To this end, The Law Office of Peter A. McInish offers support to local employers who may have questions regarding topics like wrongful termination. Accordingly, this firm can provide insight on the following special considerations regarding the termination of employees.

At-Will Employment

business lawAt-will employment laws stipulate that employers are within their rights to fire any worker for any reason, while also allowing workers to resign for any reason they see fit. However, there can be exceptions to the at-will doctrine, including any agreements made between employer and employee. For instance, if a hiring contract or handbook includes regulations that counter the at-will doctrine, an employer must follow those when firing a worker.

Civil Rights

Workers are also not permitted to be fired for reasons deemed discriminatory. This recalls civil rights legislation, which states that some groups must be protected under the law. Firing someone due to ethnicity, religious background, sex/gender, marital status, etc., is considered unlawful and can be the grounds for a lawsuit. Consult with a business law attorney for more information on discrimination in the workplace.

Oppressive Practices

Labor laws were initially created to combat oppressive work practices. Wage and hour laws dictate the minimum wage a worker can earn, as well as things like overtime compensation. Not only must an employer adhere to these laws, they must also refrain from  firing a worker in retaliation for participating in lawful behavior, such as reporting an issue in his or her place of work.

From estate law to personal injury claims, The Law Office of Peter A. McInish offers Dothan clients the benefit of more than three decades of experience. Visit this law firm online to access a complete listing of their practice areas. You can also call (334) 671-2555 today to schedule your consultation with a business law attorney.

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