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3 Must-Have Hunting Accessories June 13, 2017

Carrollton, Carroll
3 Must-Have Hunting Accessories, Carrollton, Kentucky

Hunting season is drawing near, and to thoroughly enjoy this time of year, you’ll need to have all the essential gear. Being equipped with the right hunting accessories can make a world of difference as far as safety and accuracy are concerned. To get you prepared for the season, Glauber’s Sports has more than 150 years of experience in providing their customers the gear they need for a successful hunt. They have an expansive selection of guns, ammunition, and equipment for every type of hunter.

Below are some of the must-have hunting accessories for this season:

  • Preferred Method of Take: “Method of take” refers to the manner in which you hunt. Regardless of whether you choose to use a gun, bow, or knife, make sure your weapon is properly conditioned. Rifles work best for long-range shots while subcompacts, shotguns, and pistols work best at short distances. Be familiar with all the functionalities of your equipment before you go hunting to ensure the safety of everyone in proximity.

  • hunting accessoriesAmmunition: Your weapon won’t work without the proper ammunition. If you’re using a bow, make sure you have plenty of arrows to last you the entire afternoon. It’s also important that you check for signs of wear and tear for maximum performance. Keep an ample supply of gun ammunition in an easy-access container for quick reloading and a more successful hunt.

  • Appropriate Clothing: Every hunter needs a sturdy pair of boots that has enough traction for slippery or rugged terrain. A well-made pair of gloves that has a strong enough grip for added safety and protection when carrying weapons and ammo is also a good idea. Camouflaged, water resistant clothing that allows you to blend into your environment and keep you protected from the elements can also be an advantage when hunting.

Having reliable hunting equipment can make the game far more enjoyable and fulfilling. When choosing hunting gear, base your decisions on what you’re comfortable using, what you’re hunting, what you plan to do with the prey, and the area’s weather and terrain. If you need new hunting accessories, contact Glauber’s Sports at (800) 557­-3380 today. You may also check out their website to see their extensive collection of crossbows, guns, gun cases, and ammunition.

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