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When Should You Call an Attorney After Automobile Accidents? June 2, 2017

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When Should You Call an Attorney After Automobile Accidents? , Coram, Montana

After automobile accidents, there are important things to do, such as getting medical attention, contacting your insurance company, and getting a copy of the police report. At what point should you call an attorney, if at all? The accident and personal injury attorneys at Bothe And Lauridsen in Columbia Falls, MT, offer their perspective, which is based on their combined 100-plus years of claims resolution experience.

Here are situations when you should call an attorney after an automobile accident: 

  • Questions of Fault Exist: If you are ticketed for or charged with causing an automobile accident, contact an attorney immediately. When the police report, witnesses, or insurance company indicate you are partially or completely at fault, or if you know you were at fault, you need to consult an accident attorney quickly.
  • automobile-accidents-Columbia-Falls-MTInjuries Occur: Contact a personal injury attorney after you seek medical attention when you suffer injuries resulting from an automobile accident. You may not get hurt, but if someone else is hurt or dies, you should contact a lawyer immediately.  
  • Compensation Is Delayed or Denied: If an insurance company refuses to offer a settlement or their offer is too low, get help from a personal injury attorney. When you have questions about your policy and the insurer does not answer them to your satisfaction or denies coverage, get in touch with an accident attorney to protect your rights as soon as you can. Contact an attorney immediately after an automobile accident if you don’t have insurance. 

Attorneys at Bothe And Lauridsen handle the wide range of issues that arise from automobile accidents. With more than a century of collective experience behind them, they offer a high level of skill, compassion, and zealous advocacy to individuals who need help with personal injury and insurance disputes.

If you’re involved in an automobile accident, consult the personal injury and accident attorneys at Bothe And Lauridsen in Columbia Falls, MT. Call (406) 892-2193, or contact them online to set up your consultation appointment.

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