Makawao Ahupua`a, Hawaii

3 Different Methods of Land Clearing June 19, 2017

Makawao Ahupua`a, Makawao-Paia
3 Different Methods of Land Clearing, Makawao-Paia, Hawaii

Certain plots of land are perfect for developing new housing sites or other projects. If those spaces are occupied, though, you’ll need to hire the land clearing professionals at DeCoite Tree Service to properly remove trees, weed, brush, and other vegetation. The team, based on Maui, HI, can help ensure your land is prepared for your upcoming project.

There are several different methods of land clearing employed by tree maintenance companies, and the choice depends largely on the size of the property and its intended usage. Here are the three most common methods:

  • Maui, HI land clearingBurning: True to its name, this method of land clearing involves lighting a fire in a controlled setting. It’s meant to burn only the trees and brush in the specific area before it is extinguished. After this, the land is further cleared with a bulldozer. Burning isn’t an option in every area, mainly because it may pose a risk of brush fires, depending on the location.
  • Cutting & Grinding: This is a safe method that involves cutting the trees down to their stumps. The trees are taken away for processing. The stumps, however, are either removed with a bulldozer or ground down so they can be used for mulch.
  • Pushing Over: This method involves knocking down intact trees. The roots are still attached at this point, and, for this reason, large machinery is required to effectively pull the trees from below the ground. Trees are typically then hauled away so they can be used as mulch or processed for sale.

You may choose to clear your land if your property’s trees are unhealthy or can’t be salvaged with basic tree trimming or pruning. If your project requires a clean slate, it’s time to get in touch with the tree maintenance professionals at DeCoite Tree Service. They’ll provide you with the best land clearing option for your needs. Visit the company’s website to learn more, or call (808) 573-2756 to speak with a representative.

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