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What is Thatching and How Will It Affect Your Lawn This Summer? June 26, 2017

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What is Thatching and How Will It Affect Your Lawn This Summer?, Winona, Minnesota

After a long winter, getting your lawn back in good condition can be a real challenge, especially if your grass is showing signs of thatching. Like many lawn problems, it’s best to leave thatch treatment to the professionals at Greg’s Job Squad in Winona, MN. Their team explains what thatching is and how it affects your lawn:


What is Thatching, Exactly?

Thatch is a combination of dead grass and living shoots that collects along the surface of your lawn. During the winter, the dead grass gets compressed under the weight of snow and ice. Then new growth gets tangled in this layer of dead grass in the spring. Under normal conditions, the new growth pushes through the layer of dead grass and creates a lush lawn. While some thatch can be beneficial to your lawn, too much can cause issues during your grass’s growth cycle.


How Thatch Impacts Your Lawn

ThatchingSmall amounts of thatch in your lawn help insulate the roots against extreme weather, helping your grass stay green and keeping the soil from drying out during dry spells. However, too much thatch can actually damage your lawn’s root system, causing it to dry out quickly or retain too much water during wet periods.


During the summer, treating thatch can be difficult, but the easiest way to stay on top of thatching is to schedule lawn maintenance with an experienced landscaping company before the growing season is in full swing. They’ll be able to assess the problem before new shoots take root in your lawn.


If you’re concerned about thatch in your lawn, contact the experts at Greg’s Job Squad. Visit their website to learn more about their lawn care services, and call (507) 459-4916 to schedule an appointment today. Their team will help you keep your lawn looking great this summer.

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