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Canvas Painting & Beyond: 5 Art Therapy Crafts for Stress Relief June 16, 2017

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Canvas Painting & Beyond: 5 Art Therapy Crafts for Stress Relief, Manhattan, New York

Whatever the source of your stress, taking steps to eliminate it is one of the healthiest things to do for your mind and body. Stress manifests physically as well as emotionally and mentally, and it can result in headaches, stomach issues, and weight gain. Save yourself from these repercussions with art therapy. Creative projects promote self-expression and take your mind off the things bothering you. From canvas painting to collaging and sculpting, you may find art therapy provides the perfect escape.

Decrease your stress levels by trying out these five art therapy activities:


canvas paintingCreate postcards to display around your home, give as gifts, or send as mail. You can paint the cards, decorate them with crayons or markers, or glue images from magazines and newspapers. Trace an actual postcard as a guide.

Totems Or Altars

Honor the life of a deceased loved one with a totem or altar. The Day of the Dead festival in Mexico every October honors those who have passed with altars featuring colorful skulls, flowers, and pictures. Collect images of your loved one as well as any candles, jewelry, or fabric you want to display on your altar.

Watercolor Fun

Create a beautiful canvas painting using watercolors. Let go of whatever is troubling you, and let it guide your paintbrush to craft a unique self-portrait. Remember to carefully choose your colors so they represent your feelings.

Forgiveness Box

Help yourself overcome any hurt feelings with a forgiveness box. This craft works if you need to forgive yourself or others for anything. Use a wooden box if possible and decorate it however you wish. Write the name of the person you want to forgive on a piece of paper and add it to the box when it’s dry.


Decorate a notebook to give as a gift or keep as a special writing tool. You can make a collage featuring your favorite images or words from newspapers and magazines, or simply paint it. Add embellishments such as stickers, and cover the finished product with glitter glue for added effect.

Take your love of art a step further at Painting Hangout. The New York, NY, art center offers fabulous painting workshops, including paint and sip classes for those who enjoy drinking wine. Call (646) 590-6504 to learn about classes or visit their website for additional information. Follow the canvas painting center on Facebook for the latest discounts.

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