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3 Steps to Follow for Wooden Patio Furniture Restoration June 16, 2017

Flatlands, Brooklyn
3 Steps to Follow for Wooden Patio Furniture Restoration, Brooklyn, New York

With the perfect weather for sitting out on the patio just around the corner, you want to make sure that your outdoor furniture is ready to be used. When sitting outside in the winter storms for a few months, your patio furniture might need a new stain or coat of paint to get it back to usable condition. The experts at C.A.M. Door and Deck Restoration discuss what steps you need to take for wood patio furniture restoration.

3 Steps to Restore Your Patio Furniture

Clean & Sand

After your patio furniture has been sitting out in the harsh elements, it’s important that you wash it all down and sand it before you begin working. This will create a smooth surface to work with and allow the paint or stain to stick better to the furniture, creating lasting results. After you’ve scrubbed each piece, allow it to dry before beginning the sanding process.

Make Repairs

patio furniture restorationFixing any damages to your furniture is also a crucial part of the restoration process. Often, there are loose splinters that need to be removed before painting or staining. It’s also common for screws become loose over time. This is a simple fix; just tighten them with your screwdriver or drill.

Paint or Stain

Before applying any paint during the patio furniture restoration, you have to prime the surface. Available at your local hardware store, wood primer gets the furniture ready to absorb the paint. After the primer has dried, it’s time to apply your paint. Using a paint roller or synthetic paint brush will give you the best and most even results.

If you need help with your patio furniture restoration, contact the professionals at C.A.M. Door and Deck Restoration. Serving the Brooklyn, NY, community and surrounding areas, this company offers wood staining, deck refinishing, power washing, and door restoration among many other services. For more information, call the helpful staff at (888) 424-3667 or visit them online.

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