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What Are Some Qualities of a Great Nursing Assistant? June 1, 2017

Richmond Hill, Queens
What Are Some Qualities of a Great Nursing Assistant?, Queens, New York

To be qualified and knowledgeable in their professions, nursing assistants must complete a comprehensive CNA training program. But the nursing assistants that go above and beyond the rest tend to have a few innate qualities that help them succeed in their careers and make a positive impact on their patients. If you’re considering pursuing this career choice, the following characteristics will be invaluable in your training and occupational experience.

5 Qualities of Exceptional Nursing Assistants

1. Adaptability

In any health care environment, circumstances can change in an instant. As such, the ability to adapt to changing situations, procedures, and routines is imperative. Even fluctuating schedules can be challenging for some individuals to get used to, but if you can accept change, you’ll be a step ahead of your peers.    

2. Compassion

A caring demeanor is important in the health care sector. Having empathy for patients who are in significant discomfort can be just as important as possessing the necessary knowledge and skills to help them get well.

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3. Patience

By nature, some patients will require your attention more than others, so being tolerant with their ever-changing needs is essential. Additionally, when you’re being summoned frequently by coworkers, patients, and supervisors, it may feel as if you’re being pulled in many directions at once. As such, both patience and prioritization skills are critical.

4. Perseverance

There’s no denying that nursing responsibilities can be taxing. The work is both physically and emotionally demanding, but perseverance will come to your aid on some of your toughest days.

5. Detail Attentiveness

As a nursing assistant, you’ll be responsible for overseeing critical details to keep patients safe and as healthy as possible in their environments. Because of this, detail attentiveness is an imperative quality for those who are interested in this career path.


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