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Banquet Facilities, a Sushi Bar, & Catering: The Legendary Natsunoya Tea House June 23, 2017

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Banquet Facilities, a Sushi Bar, & Catering: The Legendary Natsunoya Tea House, Honolulu, Hawaii

As the oldest tea house in Honolulu, Natsunoya Tea House has served the area with pride since 1921. Providing full-service catering and beautifully appointed banquet facilities to locals, the establishment is one of the most popular in the world for its delicious meals and impeccable service.

The early 20th-century establishment was originally known as Shunchoro Tea House. It was founded by Shuuji Fujiwara, who established it atop an acre of land in Alewa Heights to take advantage of its magnificent views. During World War II, the tea house was converted into a first-aid stop for servicemen and was leased to another businessman after the war.

Honolulu, HI banquet facilitiesRunning a successful tea house was in the family blood, as Fujiwara’s youngest son, Lawrence Sr., had already opened his own successful establishment nearby. The facility was torn down to make way for a new road, but that didn’t prevent Fujiwara from continuing with the family’s legacy. He took ownership of his parents’ establishment and reopened it under the name Natsunoya in the late 1950s.

Since then, locals and out of towners alike have flocked there to experience one of the state’s only remaining tea houses. Natsunoya was elegantly renovated to reflect its stunning history while remaining true to modern designs. Its walls are lavished with historic photographs, while the bright and airy interior offers the comfort of a contemporary restaurant.

The stunning skyline views are noteworthy, particularly for those enjoying a meal at the sushi bar or spending time in the banquet facilities in the evening. Honolulu’s spectacular skyline doesn’t disappoint, and it serves as a complement to the festivities.

If you’re interested in reserving a private room at Natsunoya Tea House or would like to learn more about their full-service catering or banquet facilities, call (808) 595-4488. You can also make a night of it at the hip sushi bar. Visit the catering establishment’s website for additional information.

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