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3 Tips for Designing Promotional Safety Gear June 1, 2017

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3 Tips for Designing Promotional Safety Gear, Anchorage, Alaska

If you just completed a large demolition or construction project and you want to thank everyone on your team for their dedication and hard work, you can do so with promotional safety gear. From shatterproof glasses to fire-resistant t-shirts, the possibilities are endless, and SunShine Custom Promotions in Anchorage, AK, will help with all of them. Below, their friendly team shares a few tips for ordering the right promotional products.

3 Tips for Designing Safety Gear to Give Away

1. Consider All of Your Options

safety gearYou can thank your team or valued clients with a variety of promotional safety gear. Consider all of your options, including boots, vests, hats, glasses, and clothing, before choosing the one you want to represent your brand. 

2. Think Outside the Box

Personalizing the gear with your company’s name or logo may be a no-brainer, but why not choose something a little more creative? For example, maybe there was a quote or saying that the crew frequently repeated while completing the project, or maybe the project itself has a beautiful silhouette. At the end of the day, the more thought you put into the gear, the more your recipients will appreciate it. If you truly want to design a hit, think outside the box and take the time to find the perfect message.

3. Don’t Leave Anyone Out

When it comes to personalized items, you can never have too many of them on-hand. If you put a lot of thought into the design and you opt for quality products, everyone is going to want one. Always order more items than you think you will need because chances are they will go fast once you start handing them out.

If you want to order personalized safety gear for your team or clients after the successful completion of a project, turn to SunShine Custom Promotions in Anchorage, AK. To browse their vast selection of shirts, hats, and bags, visit their website, and call (907) 562-4936 to discuss your promotional needs today. 

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