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Why Is My Metal Door Frame Still Corroding? March 1, 2018

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Why Is My Metal Door Frame Still Corroding?, Brighton, Michigan

A corroded metal door frame is unsightly and can make the door difficult to open and close.  While you may try different sprays, cleaners and solutions will find that this is only creating a temporary fix.  Door Innovation, an elite frame specialty store in Brighton, MI, has shared the three main causes of frame corrosion and a solution that will save you time and money. 

What Causes a Corroded Metal Door Frame


corroded metal door frameExcessive or long-term exposure to water can cause a door frame to rust over time. Rain, humidity, leaks, or spills can all work their way into the frame. Once inside, the liquid is unable to evaporate as effectively. This creates a damp environment for a prolonged period, which is an ideal environment for the development of rust.


While salt alone does not cause corrosion, it does accelerate the process. This occurs because salt lowers the electrical resistance of water. During the rusting process, metal atoms lose electrons. Salt causes the electrons to flow more easily, thus allowing a metal door frame to rust at a quicker rate. This explains why coastal cities, like those in Florida or California, are more prone to corrosion.

To avoid rusting, do your best to keep water, salt, and other forms of moisture away from your doorways. Also, avoid using commercial rust prevention sprays. Rust corrodes from the inside out, so a protective spray does not solve the initial problem—it’s the equivalent of putting a bandage over a leaky pipe. 

If you need a solution for your corroded metal door frame, choose Door Innovation in Brighton, MI. Their expertise has led to an innovative line of door frame repair solutions that can resolve a variety of issues. For more information, visit their website or call (810) 227-7111 today.

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