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Satisfy All Five of Your Senses at Once With Hibachi-Style Meals at Fuji Steak House December 12, 2014

Florence, Boone
Satisfy All Five of Your Senses at Once With Hibachi-Style Meals at Fuji Steak House, Florence, Kentucky

Who wouldn't want mouthwatering Japanese cuisine prepared right before their eyes on a hot teppanyaki grill? Fuji Steak House in Florence, KY has the flavorful Japanese food and unique atmosphere that makes all other restaurants seem mundane. Already boasting four locations, Fuji Steak House has gained a great deal of popularity in the Cincinnati and Florence areas, earning rave reviews for their tasty dishes and entertaining cooking performances.

Whether you’re out with your family or friends, or meeting with business clients, you can absolutely impress your fellow acquaintances by bringing them to Fuji Steak House. Let their talented Fuji chefs cater to your dining and viewing pleasures from start to finish.

You can select from their varietal, pre-arranged menu, or customize your own meal, and then sit back and watch as your food is cooked on a fiery hibachi grill. With featured items like succulent scallops, tender filet mignon, and teriyaki chicken, Fuji Steakhouse has the Japanese dishes to satisfy any and all of your cravings. And don’t forget about their full sushi menu; each sushi roll and sashimi is handmade to ensure the highest quality of flavor and freshness.

Fuji Steak House is perfect for both lunch and dinner outings. Treat yourself and your important guests to soups, salads, sushi, or satiating entrees at the leading Japanese restaurant in the area. Take advantage of their daily lunch and dinner specials, or splurge on their extensive and diverse menu. Fuji Steak House truly has something for everyone; they even have a kid-friendly menu!

To make a lasting impression, bring your colleagues and companions to the best Japanese restaurant in the region, where you're sure to receive exceptional service and delicious food every time. With sizzling teppanyaki grills that sear your luscious meals right before your eyes, Fuji Steak House has the means to please all five of your senses at the same time. Visit their website to book a table at any of their four locations, or call (859) 746-8180 for more information.

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