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WANTED! WIZARDS & WITCHES: Harry Potter Themed Magic Show May 24, 2017

Philipstown, Putnam
WANTED! WIZARDS & WITCHES: Harry Potter Themed Magic Show, Philipstown, New York

Marco The Magician performed at our home for my daughter's 8th birthday last Friday. I requested his Harry Potter themed Magic Show which added an amusing theme to the show. Everyone was mesmerized by Marco. Marco's sleight of hand was flawless and his divination skills delighted and amazed. The expression of joy on the children's faces while Marco performed made this mom beam with pleasure. He arrived and hour before the performance before to set up and was completely professional. My five stars are enthusiastically given!” – L. Young



Marco The Magician (AKA – Professor M) is looking for new students looking to improve their skills and talents in the Magical Arts.

If you or someone you know, is planning a private party, birthday party, Halloween party etc. and are looking to give your guests an AMAZING Magical experience, call Marco now at (212) 502-0148.

Marco’s Harry Potter Themed Magic Show is filled with Magic, Fun, Games and Interactive Mysteries!

Your guests will:

1. Laugh Uncontrollably!

2. Gasp in AWE!


4. Have a GREAT time!

5. Tell their friends what a FUN time they had at your Party!

WHO IS PROFESSOR M? – Marco is a full-time Professional Magician. He has performed for thousands of people all around the World. With over 20 years experience performing for paid audiences, Marco is capable of entertaining audiences of all ages and sizes. Whether you are 7 or 107, you will have a BLAST watching and participating in his interactive Magic Show.

DOES HE TRAVEL? – Marco has performed all over the World and travels both locally and long distances to train and amaze Wizards and Witches in training, as well as muggles.


Marco’s Magic Show is highly interactive. The Show is designed to amaze, amuse and get your guests laugh and have a GREAT time.

This One-Of-A-Kind Magic Show includes but is not limited to:

1. Spell Casting For Beginners

2. Dumbledores Dice Game

3. Parsel Tongue Training

4. A Lesson in Crystal Ball Reading

4. Spirit Communication With Moaning Myrtle


To book Marco for your private party or event, you may call him directly at (212) 502-0148.

PLEASE NOTE: Professor M is booked on a regular and ongoing basis. Calendar dates are always available on a first come first serve basis. To secure your event in Marco’s calendar before it’s too late today at (212) 502-0148.

You can also visit his website at




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