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A Local Asphalt Supply Company Answers Your Questions About Asphalt June 23, 2017

Wooster Square - Mill River, New Haven
A Local Asphalt Supply Company Answers Your Questions About Asphalt, New Haven, Connecticut

Asphalt is a staple of America’s infrastructure and is used on roads, playgrounds, and driveways across the nation. You likely step on this material every day. The L. Suzio York Hill Companies have been the trusted asphalt supply company for Meriden, CT, since 1898. Here, their experts have answered your questions about asphalt.

Your Questions Answered by Your Asphalt Supply Company

1. What Are the Benefits?

Asphalt is a popular choice for city streets because when it is laid, it cools and hardens within one day. This means you can use the surface just 24 hours after installation. This durable substance is flexible, meaning it shrinks and expands under pressure and extreme temperatures to avoid cracking. Should something happen, such as a crack or worn surface, it is easy to repair. It is also extremely affordable.

2. What Are the Drawbacks?

aspalt supply companyTo keep your asphalt in top condition, a new seal coat is required approximately every three years. This means you can’t just install asphalt and leave it there; you must keep to the schedule, or it will wear out prematurely. With the proper maintenance, you can expect the surface to last about 25 years. This is a shorter lifespan than other materials, such as paving concrete, which usually lasts about 30 years.

3. How Is It Made?

There are different types of asphalt, each of which has a unique mixture and creation process. The most common type is mostly made up of aggregates such as sand, crushed stone, and gravel. The remaining portion is the actual asphalt or a binder that glues the aggregate together.

Whether you’re looking for a new driveway, parking lot, or just a durable surface, asphalt is a great choice. The L. Suzio York Hill Companies, your concrete and asphalt supply company, can advise you on whether it’s the best option for your needs and how to get started. Take a look at their products online, and call them at (203) 237-8421 to ask any more questions you have.

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