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3 Surprising Facts About Burlesque May 31, 2017

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3 Surprising Facts About Burlesque , St. Louis, Missouri

Over the years, the term burlesque has become synonymous with other forms of adult entertainment. In reality, burlesque shows are radically different from strip clubs, incorporating live music, comedy, and choreographed dancing. The Boom Boom Room in Saint Louis, MO, is proud to revive this colorful art form and give it a modern twist. Whether you’re planning a bachelor party or looking for a unique date night activity, their troupe is happy to host you for an unforgettable evening. Below, they spotlight three surprising facts about these vibrant performances.

There’s an Entire Burlesque Vocabulary

Burlesque is more than live entertainment. It’s a culture with its own special language, from the stage names chosen by performers to the terms used to describe the itinerary of towns visited during a show’s run to the name of the gentleman who’s charged with singing in the chorus. For example, the town circuit is referred to as the wheel, and the man who sings in the chorus is called the tit singer. 

Burlesque Was Originally Comprised of Comedians

burlesqueRather than starting off an avenue for dancers to take the stage, cabaret shows were originally cast with comedians. For many of these performers, the shows were an opportunity to hone their skills while increasing their notoriety. Now that these performances have evolved to focus more on music and dancing, the comedians have mostly moved their acts to different stages—but they used to reign supreme in the burlesque world.

Burlesque Was a Huge Industry

Though it was largely seen as a fringe interest, burlesque was a surprisingly big business. From the dancers to the orchestras to the stage managers, these shows employed hundreds and regularly drew crowds of thousands. These performances have long been a significant part of our country’s nightlife scene, making it more mainstream than you may have imagined.

Looking to plan a date night that’s a little more memorable than the traditional dinner and a movie? Book your tickets for a burlesque performance and take part in a unique cultural experience. Call (314) 436-7000 or visit The Boom Boom Room’s website for a full listing of shows and times.

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