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How Maya-Rose Has Grown as a Child Since her Diagnosis May 31, 2017

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How Maya-Rose Has Grown as a Child Since her Diagnosis , Rutherford, New Jersey

Maya-Rose was just eight months old when the first signs of disability appeared. Although her diagnosis is still a mystery and her path hasn’t taken a normal trajectory, Maya-Rose, now eight years old, is making progress every day. While learning how to foster growth in spite of her special needs has been a challenge for us, we are proud to report that she has grown tremendously. As we continue to raise awareness of her condition and try to find new medical methods to help her through The Maya Rose Project, we want to spotlight her growth.


special needsThe first sign of Maya-Rose’s developmental delays was when she couldn’t sit up on her own as an infant. Mobility has continued to pose significant challenges for her, as she can’t walk and the muscles in her legs tighten over time. After years of working with occupational and physical therapists, Maya-Rose now wears orthopedic boots to correct the position of her feet while relying on a gait trainer to assist in walking.


Still unable to form words, Maya-Rose relies on a few modes of communication to convey her needs to us. She uses basic sign language for daily tasks and can operate an iPad to further communicate. She’s also undergone extensive speech therapy, and while she occasionally gets frustrated trying to tell us what she needs, there have been improvements.

Dedicated to finding an official diagnosis for her chronic illness, The Maya Rose Project has worked to find a name and a cure for the disease through increased public awareness and a drive for more funding. To learn more about the project, email us today. Visit our website to see how you can get involved.

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