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Are You Planning a Family Reunion? 4 Reasons to Have Custom T-Shirts Made May 31, 2017

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Are You Planning a Family Reunion? 4 Reasons to Have Custom T-Shirts Made, Cincinnati, Ohio

In our increasingly busy lives, it can be hard to keep up with extended family. One way many families have managed to stay in touch is through a family reunion. Family reunions allow the entire family to come together for a cookout, vacation, or weekend trip. If you are planning your own reunion and would like to commemorate the special occasion, consider having custom T-shirts made.

4 Reasons Custom T-Shirts Help Make Your Family Reunion Extra Special

1. It Will Help You to Keep Track of One Another

custom T-shirtCustom T-shirts are a great idea if you will be going on a cruise or visiting a theme park together. Choosing brightly-colored shirts with similar designs or images will make it easy to spot one another in a crowd. It will help to track down stragglers, allow family members to split up into smaller groups, and make it easier to find children if they get separated.

2. You Can Customize the Design

The beauty of a custom T-shirt is you have the freedom to pick and choose the design you want. You can pick the date of the reunion, the family surname, a photograph, or even a family emblem. The design can be as simple or as intricate as you want.

3. You Can Personalize Each Shirt

Many families like to personalize each shirt by adding a name or nickname to the back. This is a technique similar to those used in making team uniforms, and many people appreciate the attention to detail. Discuss it with a few members of your family to see what they think, or surprise them all with their own shirts.

4. Your Family Will Have a Keepsake from the Reunion

If your reunions are a yearly event, T-shirts are a great way to catalog each occasion, and it can become a collector’s item for your family. Even if the reunion won’t have a repeat for many years, a custom T-shirt will serve as a special souvenir for all who come.


If you are planning a family reunion and need a custom T-shirt made, visit Siefert’s Sports Center, a sporting goods store in Cincinnati, OH, specializing in custom apparel. For nearly 40 years, this retailer has helped clients to create custom T-shirts, uniforms, and company apparel. To find out more about their services, call (513) 445-4057 or visit their website today.

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