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What to Expect at Your First Burlesque Show June 7, 2017

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What to Expect at Your First Burlesque Show, St. Louis, Missouri

The doors to a burlesque hall provide an invitation to another world. As a live entertainment medley, the burlesque show combines humor, over-the-top costumes, and audience interactions to create a unique experience. Historically, the word “burlesque” has been used to describe satirical productions and parodies, so audiences are in for a night of tongue-in-cheek fun. If you’ve never been to one of these performances, this guide details what you can expect to see.

A Show Within a Show

Many burlesque performers provide smaller shows or plays within a larger live entertainment experience. The striptease aspect is combined with a narrative—it is not simply about taking off one’s clothes. Think of the performer as a storyteller who is bringing you on a whimsical journey.

burlesque show St. Louis MOA Variety of Performers

Burlesque shows often feature several different types performers, not just those that go the striptease route, from singers and dancers to drag artists and clowns. No matter their performance style, everyone on stage is there to entertain you in a captivating and subversive way. Nearly all of the costumes are encrusted with sequins and crystals to provide audience members with a glittering spectacle.

An Engaged Audience

The fourth wall, or the invisible wall between the audience and those performing on stage, does not exist in a burlesque show. You will be expected to laugh, clap, cheer, yell, and squeal with delight during each act. 

Cultural Commentary & Humor

A burlesque show often includes a mix of parody, commentary, and comedy. Making fun of current political news is a focus, as is humor that is witty and a little scandalous without being offensive. Think of wry jokes, humor, not foul or dirty ones. Everything about a burlesque show is in good fun.


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