Kalaheo Ahupua`a, Hawaii

How Traveling Inspires Exotic Landscapes at Home September 11, 2017

Kalaheo Ahupua`a, Eleele-Kalaheo
How Traveling Inspires Exotic Landscapes at Home , Eleele-Kalaheo, Hawaii

From ancient Zen gardens in Japan to tropical gardens in Thai villages, landscapes around the world are stunning and varied. To design a unique exotic landscape, landscape architects must explore outside their comfort zone by seeing a diversity of outdoor spaces first-hand.  At Greg Boyer Landscape Corp in Kailua-Kona and Kilauea, Hawaii, these talented and experienced designers travel around the world, always seeking inspiration to create one-of-a-kind projects.

It’s only by walking on ornate paths Exotic statues in Hawaiiand climbing winding staircases in ancient villages that Greg and Lynn Boyer are able to bring back with them an eclectic mix of garden gems. It’s these gems that give the landscapes designed by Greg Boyer a special design style.

While traveling, the Boyer’s discover local villages displaying little gardens with intense detail, hedges revealing interesting shapes and textures, and exotic vines climbing an eclectic collection of fences and gates. In addition to viewing everyday landscapes in faraway lands, the Boyer’s make a point to enjoy a cocktail at luxury hotels where ever they go. This allows them a peek at the lavish, expansive gardens constructed with an upscale clientele in mind. From the extravagant to the simple, these landscape architects collect small, worldly details with both mental and actual photos. Once they return home, the landscape team has a host of wonderful new ideas as well as a few garden artifacts to incorporate into their newly inspired garden designs.

Top-notch landscape architecture design relies on both craft and artistry. To create something truly unique, one must have a breadth of experiences as well as expertise. By exploring the expansive world outside Hawaii and seeing what the world has to offer, Greg Boyer is able to transform ordinary landscapes into a wonderful work of art.

From breathtaking water features to exotic garden art, the experts from Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. make the most of every landscape. To learn more about transforming your outdoor space, call a helpful professional today at (808) 239-8264. You may also visit the company’s website