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3 Landscape Rental Equipment Items You Should Own June 1, 2017

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3 Landscape Rental Equipment Items You Should Own, Granville, Ohio

Regardless of your property’s size, there are a few essential landscaping tools you should have in your shed. You may already have a few of them, like a garden hose, a rake, a shovel, and pruning shears. But if you’ve been borrowing certain items frequently, it might be time to upgrade from rental equipment. You probably don’t need a commercial riding mower, but below are three pieces of landscaping equipment every homeowner should consider purchasing.

3 Landscape Rental Equipment Items to Consider Purchasing

1. Good-Quality Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is possibly the most-used tool in the shed. While you can get away with renting an aerator and a seed spreader each year when it is time to refresh the lawn, a lawn mower gets used every week and sometimes more in the spring and summer months. Small yards only need the push variety, but if you have a large yard and the storage space, consider a riding mower. 

2. Trimmer or Brush Cutter

rental equipmentA lawn mower can’t reach every location, like corners and edging along a flowerbed or driveway. For these hard-to-reach and often delicate spots, you will need a trimmer or a brush cutter. Also known as a weed whacker, these handy tools are how the pros keep landscapes looking pristine.

3. Blower

If you’re sick of raking leaves, a blower is an efficient way to get them into manageable piles and keep your lawn and driveway clean. They can even double as a snow clearer. Before buying one, check your neighborhood covenants to be sure there aren’t any noise restrictions.


For these and other landscape equipment essentials to rent or own, visit Granville, Ohio’s Fackler Country Gardens. They are committed to cultivating longstanding relationships with their clients, and their lawn mower repair and service department will make sure any piece you buy from them will run long after you purchase it. Call them today at (740) 522-3128. Visit their website for more information on all their landscape products—whether you’re ready to purchase or need to rent, they offer a varied selection.

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