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5 Signs You May Need to Have an Adolescent Intervention June 7, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
5 Signs You May Need to Have an Adolescent Intervention, Lincoln, Nebraska

Teenagers are well-known for being moody and unpredictable, but where do you draw the line between normal behavior and potential mental health needs? Addiction, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety are just a few issues kids may be dealing with. The team at Nebraska Mental Health Center in Lincoln shares a list of signs you may need to have an adolescent intervention to ensure your teen gets the proper care.

Changes in Sleep Patterns

Because teenagers are still growing, they require ample amounts of sleep. If your son or daughter is suddenly sleeping a lot more than usual, this may indicate depression. Teens who aren’t sleeping much may have anxiety problems or require treatment for mania or bipolar disorder. 

Use of Illicit Substances

Has your teen begun using drugs, drinking, or smoking? Beginning these activities might be a sign they are trying to forget their troubles such as anxiety or depression. Adolescent intervention may help curb these unhealthy choices by treating the issue at hand.

Odd Physical Activities

adolescent interventionDoes your son or daughter fidget a lot? Have they had a change in physical activity levels, such as starting to run several miles a day or frequenting the gym? Some eating disorders may involve excessive exercise, and fidgeting could indicate attention deficit disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder. 

Participating in Violence

Adolescent intervention may be required if your son or daughter is hostile or involved in violence. This can be indicative of sleep troubles, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and other harmful behaviors.

Trouble With Overall Daily Functioning

One of the most noticeable changes parents may see if their teen has a mental illness is an inability to function in everyday life. This can range from sleeping habit changes and not eating or binging to difficulty in school and trouble with relationships. 

If your son or daughter is exhibiting these potential signs of mental health needs, consider calling Nebraska Mental Health Center at (402) 483-6990. Visit their website to learn about their experienced psychological care teams and adolescent intervention.

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