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3 Facts About the Ticket to Work Program From a Social Security Disability Lawyer June 22, 2017

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3 Facts About the Ticket to Work Program From a Social Security Disability Lawyer, Dothan, Alabama

The Ticket to Work program gives disabled Social Security recipients the opportunity to find meaningful employment and attain financial independence. The Social Security disability lawyers at Espy, Metcalf & Espy, PC, at Law in Dothan, Alabama, have been serving the Wiregrass region for more than four decades. This legal team is dedicated to helping their clients get the resources and support necessary to get back on their feet. Below are three facts about the Ticket to Work program.

Social Security Disability: 3 Facts About the Ticket to Work Program

1. The Program Is Free, Voluntary, & Open to Anyone

Ticket to Work aims to help any Social Security recipient who is willing and able to commit to long-term work success. Those who enroll receive free access to employment counseling services, and you work together to find a position that is a good fit for your personality, experience, and circumstances. You are not required to take part in Ticket to Work, but doing so can be empowering and educational and could open doors you never thought would be accessible to you.

2. The Program Has 4 Phases

Social Security DisabilityThe Ticket to Work program has four phases, and each one is designed to get you closer to financial independence. The phases are:

  • Ticket to Work: You learn about working on Social Security and how your employment affects your benefits;
  • Ready to Work: You define your work goals and are matched with a support provider who can help you achieve them;
  • Getting a Job: You gain tools pertinent to rejoining the workforce, search and apply for jobs, and brush up on your interviewing skills;
  • Managing Your Job: You learn about smart money management and how to successfully transition from Social Security to your own paycheck.

3. The Program Offers Numerous Supportive Resources

When you opt into the Ticket to Work program or are even just thinking about it, you have many resources to help you better understand how it all works. You can visit the Ticket to Work website and explore any of the available tutorials; you might also choose to attend a free webinar. The Ticket to Work helpline is available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST to provide further assistance; just call (866) 968-7842.

If you're involved in a Social Security disability matter and require legal assistance, trust Espy, Metcalf & Espy, PC, at Law. They also offer representation as asset protection and bankruptcy attorneys. Call (334) 793-6288, visit their website, or connect with them on Facebook or Twitter to schedule a consultation. 

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