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Medical Care Professionals Share 3 Dehydration Signs You May Be Ignoring May 30, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Medical Care Professionals Share 3 Dehydration Signs You May Be Ignoring, Manhattan, New York

Your body is made up of mostly water, which is why it’s so important to remain hydrated, especially during the hottest months of the year. Dehydration can cause serious health problems, yet sometimes, people don’t notice the symptoms until they’re severe. The medical care professionals at 181st Street Urgent Care Center say it’s important to recognize the signs early. Serving residents throughout New York, NY, the premier walk-in clinic provides a wide range of specialized services, including primary care, family medicine, and urgent care.

Below, the medical care professionals share a few of the dehydration signs you may be ignoring:

  • Dark & Infrequent Urination: One of the most important signs to watch out for is dark-colored urine. This means you already dehydrated, and it’s important to increase your water consumption until your urine is clear again. You should also be urinating frequently, at least seven times a day, to be considered properly hydrated.
  • medical careDry Lips: A lack of hydration can lead to dry lips and skin. If you feel like you have cottonmouth or your lips are peeling, it’s important to get as much liquid into your body as you can. Drink plenty of water or suck on ice cubes to re-hydrate.
  • Headaches & Brain Fog: Dehydration leads to a lack of water and oxygen around the brain, which can cause headaches or dizzy spells. It may also impact your memory and ability to make clear-headed decisions. Staying hydrated throughout the day will keep you focused and alert.

Whether you’re in need of urgent medical care or a primary care physician, you can count on the professionals at 181st Street Urgent Care Center. Call (347) 756-6000 to schedule a same-day appointment with one of their bilingual staff members, or visit their website for more information about their services. 

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