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4 Common Questions About Root Canals June 13, 2017

Farmington, Ontario
4 Common Questions About Root Canals, Farmington, New York

Experiencing symptoms such as tooth sensitivity or severe pain could be a sign of an infected tooth. Your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure, but before you panic, it’s important to understand how the treatment works. Serving patients throughout Farmington, NY, the friendly team at Alicia Sturn, DDS, provides a wide range of top-notch services, including pediatric, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry. Below, they answer some common questions about root canals.

4 FAQs About Root Canals

1. When Would I Need a Root Canal?

If you are experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold foods or severe tooth pain when chewing, these are some of the most obvious signs you have tooth decay and need a root canal. Other symptoms include pain that worsens when laying down or wakes you up at night.

2. What Happens During the Procedure?

root canalFirst, your dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the infected area. After, a drill will be used to create an opening in the tooth, which will then be cleaned and prepared. A temporary filling will be used to close the opening of your tooth before a permanent one can be made.

3. Is the Treatment Painful?

Thanks to local anesthetics, you shouldn’t feel any pain during the root canal procedure. Instead, it actually relieves the painful symptoms experienced before the treatment is conducted.  

4. What Happens After the Root Canal?

After the root canal treatment is complete, you will have to return for a follow-up appointment so your dentist can decide on the best solution for the permanent filling.

If you are suffering from tooth pain and think you may need a root canal, schedule an appointment with Alicia Sturn, DDS, to get a diagnosis. Call (585) 398-2100 to speak with a staff member, or visit their website for more information about their services. 

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