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How Long Should Your Student Work With a Tutor? May 22, 2017

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How Long Should Your Student Work With a Tutor?, San Fernando Valley, California

If your student is struggling with an academic subject, they may benefit from spending time with a tutor. But how long should you have them continue to work with one of these professionals? Kim’s Tutoring in Los Angeles, CA, provides after-school tutoring in subjects ranging from math to chemistry. Here, they explain how to tell when your student is ready to stop working with a tutor.

3 Signs Your Child No Longer Needs a Tutor

1. They’ve Completed a Goal

When tutors sit down with a student for the first time, they discuss goals. Your child may want to improve a grade level in a certain subject or earn a specific score on a test or project. These objectives provide a level of achievement to measure and work toward. Once they’ve reached their goal, they will either create a new one with their tutor or be ready to move forward without help.

2. They’ve Mastered the Subject Matter

tutorWhile getting good grades is important, it’s more useful for students to work on fully grasping the subject they’re having trouble with. Instead of no longer working with a tutor after your child reaches a specific goal, make sure they completely understand the topic. For example, the test they did well on may have only been on one part of physics, and with a whole lot more to learn, your student may benefit from continuing tutoring until they master the entire subject. If they understand the subject matter, though, they’re ready to stop working with their tutor.

3. The Tutor Tells You It’s Time

Great tutors want to teach your student so well they no longer have a job. These professionals will let you know when your child is capable of moving forward on their own. Your student may also tell you when they’ve learned all they need to and are comfortable forging ahead with the subject or goal on their own.

If your student could use some guidance in a certain subject or with a particular school project, don’t hesitate to call a tutor at Kim’s Tutoring. These Los Angeles-based professionals can be reached at (213) 284-1163. You can also visit the website to schedule a tutoring session and meet the detail-oriented staff members who are ready to teach your child.

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