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3 Areas Covered by Home Insurance June 28, 2017

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
3 Areas Covered by Home Insurance, Juneau, Alaska

If you own a house, chances are home insurance is a requirement with the lender who holds your mortgage. What you may not realize is why it's so important to have and what aspects of your life this kind of insurance covers. Davies-Barry Insurance of Juneau, AK, is here to help you get the best coverage possible for your home and to explain everything you need to know about this important policy.

3 Things Covered by Home Insurance

1. Personal Property

Home insurance also acts as personal property insurance, as it covers all of the belongings inside your home. If possessions such as your furniture, computer, or clothes get damaged in a fire or another type of disaster, home insurance will help to reimburse the cost for the loss of these items.

2. Personal Injury 

alaska home insuranceIn the event you or another family member causes damage or injuries to another person on your property, or if there’s simply an unfortunate accident that hurts someone, home insurance can also act as liability coverage. If you are involved in either of these types of scenarios, home insurance can protect your assets and cover the cost in the event of a lawsuit.

3. The House

Of course, one of the most important things homeowners insurance covers is the house itself. Any house, no matter how old it is or how well it is built, is susceptible to getting damaged by weather events or a fire. Not only does this type of insurance cover the home itself, but it also covers attached structures, such as the garage or the patio.

When you’re ready to shop for the right home insurance policy for your property, call Davies-Barry Insurance in Juneau at (907) 789-5900. You can also visit their website for more information on their insurance offerings. 

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