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Forest Hills Allergy Specialist Explains: How to Combat Springtime Allergies May 23, 2017

Forest Hills, Queens
Forest Hills Allergy Specialist Explains: How to Combat Springtime Allergies, Queens, New York

With new greenery and fresh flower blossoms beginning to appear, spring is a wonderful time to appreciate the beauty of nature. However, if you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from allergies, this beautiful season also brings the onset of many uncomfortable symptoms. Before you give up on enjoying the spring weather, Medex Diagnostics and Treatment Center’s allergy specialist weighs in on the best way to get your allergies under control.

What’s Causing Your Symptoms?

During the spring season, trees, grasses, and flowers exude small particles known as pollen. Though necessary to fertilize plants, these tiny pollen grains can wreak havoc on your immune system if you suffer from allergies. When you inhale pollen, it causes your body to produce histamine, which results in irritating symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, as well as itchy and watery eyes.

Avoid Allergy Triggers

Immunology and allergy specialists suggest one of the best ways to control your symptoms is to minimize your exposure to pollen. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to stay indoors all season. Instead, plan your outdoor activities for early in the morning or evening when there is less pollen in the air. Because wind can carry pollen far from its source, try to limit your outdoor activity on windy days as well. To avoid pollen indoors, consider installing a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter in your air conditioner or furnace.

Get the Right Treatment

Allergy SpecialistOver the counter allergy medicine is effective for many people. However, if your allergy symptoms are particularly troublesome, it may be a sign you need more advanced care. If you’re not sure what type of plant is causing your symptoms, visiting an allergy specialist for testing is a great way to uncover exactly what’s triggering your condition. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, your doctor may also prescribe a stronger antihistamine to help manage your allergies.

For additional help treating your seasonal allergies, visit Medex Diagnostics and Treatment in Forest Hills, NY. With a team of expert physicians whose specialties include dermatology, OB-GYN, pain management, and more, their staff will address all of your health care needs. For information about their services or using Medicaid or Medicare benefits, call (718) 275-8900 or visit them online. You can also find them on Facebook.