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4 Teen Travel Camp FAQs Answered May 31, 2017

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4 Teen Travel Camp FAQs Answered, White Plains, New York

Teen travel camp is a great way for young adults to see the world and take part in new experiences under the guidance and supervision of adult counselors. As a parent, you may have questions about your child’s upcoming teen tour program, especially if it is their first time traveling without you. To help put your mind at ease, the professionals at Zeal Adventure & Travel of White Plains, NY, are here to answer a few common questions.

How Do Campers Reach Their Destination?

Participants in Zeal Adventure & Travel’s teen travel camp arrive by plane. Since the company's youth travel programs take place in a variety of locations, the campers and staff meet at a designated airport. Once everyone has reached that spot, the whole group will travel together for the rest of the journey. The youth travel program also allows parents to book flights independently if they are confident their child is comfortable traveling on their own.

Where Do Campers Stay?

Campers stay at a variety of different places including hotels, small lodges, camping, and vacation rental homes. The teen tour housing options change based on program and location, but every facility is vetted beforehand to ensure the campers’ safety and comfort. Parents will be provided with lodging details ahead of time.

Will Meals Be Provided?

teen travel camp White Plains NYOne of the many benefits of teen travel camp is the exposure to different cultures and ways of life, including the local cuisine. During the program, teens will get a chance to try the food at area restaurants and cafes. They also get the opportunity to develop their cooking skills during one of the group's homemade meal experiences.

How Can Parents Keep in Contact?

Communication will take place over the phone, and teens are encouraged to call their parents once a week. Campers are allowed to bring their cellphones, but to make sure they're actively focused on their surroundings, counselors will hold the devices at all times. In the event of an emergency at home, parents can call Zeal Adventure & Travel directly, and a member of the staff will make sure you're connected to your child.

You can see what the kids are up to by following the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The youth travel team also updates their blog frequently during trips.

Zeal Adventure & Travel offers four different youth travel programs, including trips to Hawaii and Alaska. You can learn more about their teen travel camp options and safety procedures on their website or by calling (844) 282-9325.