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7 Questions a Veterinarian Would Ask Before Adopting a Pet May 29, 2017

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7 Questions a Veterinarian Would Ask Before Adopting a Pet, Springfield, Ohio

Adopting a pet is both a loving act and an exciting adventure, as long as you make the right decision—and there are many factors to weigh before bringing home any animal. If you’re wondering how a veterinarian would go about adopting a pet, below are a few questions the ones at TLC Pet Care Centers would ask beforehand.

Veterinarians List the Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Pet

1. How Will My Pet Exercise?

Both cats and dogs need plenty of exercise and stimulation. Even if you’re keeping your pet indoors, plan to buy toys and spend time playing with your pet, as exercise is critical for its health.

2. How Much Room Do I Have?

Even if you walk your dog every day, it will still need plenty of room—for your sake as well as your pet’s. Depending on the breed (see below), a small puppy could grow into an enormous dog, who would need a big yard and a fence.

3. Do I Have Time for Veterinarian Visits?

Annual pet wellness visits are extremely important, especially as your pet advances in age. They also need to be vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and treated for fleas or other parasites.

4. What Breed Is Right for Me?

Dog breeds vary not just by looks, but by personality. Before adopting a dog, do your research and choose a breed compatible with your lifestyle. If adopting a long-haired pet, be prepared for the extra combing and grooming.

5. Are My Children Ready for a Pet?

veterinariansSome families adopt dogs for protection, especially if they have young children. Bear in mind, however, that young children aren’t always kind to animals. For safety’s sake, plan to never leave your children alone with pets; you might also consider adopting an adult animal, rather than a puppy or kitten.

6. How Will This Affect My Other Pets?

If you have other pets, whether they live in a tank, cage, or move freely in your home, consider how a new pet will change the status quo. For example, if you already have two cats that get along, they may be more accepting of a new cat than one that’s accustomed to being your one-and-only.

7. Will I Move?

Well-cared-for cats and dogs often live for 10 years or more. During that time, are you sure you’ll be living in the same area? Pets can usually handle a short-distance move, but if you anticipate moving to another state or country in the near future, now might not be a good time for adoption.

Adopting a new pet? TLC Pet Care Centers would be more than happy to give your pet its first checkup. To schedule an appointment, give the Cincinnati animal hospital a call at (513) 683-2300 for their East location or (513) 825-4011 for their West location. Details about the local veterinarians are available online.

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