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Anchorage Emergency Dentist Answers: How Are Root Canals Prevented? July 8, 2017

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Anchorage Emergency Dentist Answers: How Are Root Canals Prevented?, Anchorage, Alaska

What do you know about root canals? According to one of Anchorage, AK’s most trusted family and emergency dentists, a root canal procedure treats an infection of the nerve and root tissue located near the center of your tooth. More than an inconvenience, pain in the root canal is often a sign that your tooth is diseased and needs quick intervention.

To help you avoid the disease and procedure altogether, Family First Dentistry offers patients a preventative guide below.

Emergency DentistRoot canal procedures remove the infected nerve and pulp within the root canal at the center of your tooth. After removal, the tooth is repaired, cleaned, and sealed. Since any untreated, damaged nerves will cause further pain and potentially lead to abscess and further infection, it is important that root canal treatments are handled immediately. 

To prevent a root canal infection, take care of your teeth. A leading cause of root canal disease is tooth decay, which can be prevented with a regular daily brushing and flossing routine and twice-yearly teeth cleanings by your dental care team.

If you experience tooth, gum, or jaw pain, do not hesitate to make an additional visit. Quick intervention can prevent a root canal procedure. You should also avoid acidic and sugary foods, including vinegar, blueberries, candy, and sodas, which can contribute to decayed dentin and enamel.

If you play sports, wear a mouth guard, since broken teeth can lead to infection. Finally, seek treatment at the first sign of damaged teeth. Even the most minor chips and cracks can lead to inflammation and a new flood of bacteria to the root canal, eventually needing the help of an emergency dentist to resolve the issue.

To make an appointment to assess your need for a root canal, call Family First Dentistry’s family and emergency dentists in Anchorage at (907) 562-2820. For more information about their services, including dental bridges and crowns, visit their website. You can also connect with their team on Facebook.

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