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Prevent "The Summer Slide" By Enrolling Your Kids in FasTracKids' Summer Camp June 19, 2017

New York, New York
Prevent "The Summer Slide" By Enrolling Your Kids in FasTracKids' Summer Camp, New York, New York

"The Summer Slide" is a phenomenon that many young learners experience during extended school breaks. There is ample scientific evidence showing that during the summer break, many students lose some of the academic skill and knowledge they've gained in the previous school year. One way to prevent the summer slide is to enroll your child in an academic summer camp, like the ones offered at FasTracKids. The education center provides a variety of enrichment programs and tutoring services to the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood. Below are a few ways summer camp can help avoid the summer slide.

3 Ways Summer Camp Can Combat the Summer Slide

Brush Up on Areas of Difficulty

summer campIs there a subject your child struggled with this past school year? If so, the summer slide could be extremely detrimental and signal even more challenges in the school year ahead. But with FasTracKids' summer camp, the young learner in your life can focus on those subjects that have given them difficulty; this ensures they have the space to learn and ask questions, and, instead of losing knowledge over the summer, they will be gaining a deeper understanding of the material.

Get a Leg-Up on the Year Ahead

Summer camp is the perfect way for your child to prepare for the upcoming school year. In a supportive, dynamic learning environment, they will expand their skillset, gather new ideas and information, and master the self-confidence they need to tackle challenging material. From STE(A)M academies and summertime "boot camps" to preschool sessions, FasTracKids has the class that will keep your child well ahead of the summer slide.

Receive Tutoring in Reading & Math

Reading and math are the two biggest subjects that wane during the summer slide. FasTracKids offers sessions with English and math tutors to give your child the personalized, one-on-one help they need to stay on top of these complex topics. Summer tutoring runs two to four hours every week and can be added on to any FasTracKids summer camp package.

Contact FasTracKids to learn more about any of their summer programs or to enroll your child. You can also reach them by calling (718) 891-5437 or connecting via their Facebook or Twitter pages. Don't let your child fall victim to the dreaded summer slide; enlist the help of Sheepshead Bay’s FasTracKids today.