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5 Tips for Creating an Office Break Room Oasis June 9, 2017

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5 Tips for Creating an Office Break Room Oasis, Washington, District Of Columbia

The office break room should be an inviting retreat for employees to briefly unwind, recharge, and connect with coworkers. Employers have many reasons to make the atmosphere serene and comfortable, including providing a space for meaningful interaction and boosting morale. The team at EvensonBest is here with recommendations on key elements to incorporate into your break room to make it welcoming and functional.

With three prime locations in New York, New Jersey, and Washington DC, EvensonBest is the go-to provider of office furniture solutions for today’s successful businesses. They understand the needs of employers to optimize productivity and enhance work life, and they offer the following checklist to create the perfect break room.

5 Ways to Design the Ideal Break Room

1. Assign Specific Space

If possible, designate a separate room as your break room. The creative potential in this scenario is unlimited, and you can include luxuries like swivel lounge chairs and coffee tables. If space is limited, utilize portable dividers to cordon off an area as long as it provides privacy and comfort. You can also construct a cubicle and set up a table and chairs.

office furniture2. Accommodate a Kitchen

Besides being convenient, a kitchen lends cozy comfort to any office space. Install a refrigerator and microwave so employees can refrigerate and reheat food from home, providing a cost-effective lunch option. Coffee pots, water coolers, and vending machines offer additional ways to let your employees know they are valued.

3. Establish the Right Mood

The break room should present a temporary escape from hectic activity and work stress, and employees should leave feeling invigorated and refreshed. Paint the room in vibrant hues, and decorate in cheerful colors. Add a bulletin board where company announcements and employee news can be posted.

4. Stock Up on Essentials

Besides guaranteeing happy employees, a well-stocked kitchen makes a good impression on visitors and clients. Have tasteful plates and utensils on hand, and be sure to replenish accordingly. Consider going the extra mile and offer snacks and beverages to maintain employee energy levels throughout the day.

5. Put Someone in Charge

Assign an employee the task of keeping the break room organized and neat. This will be the contact person who will address complaints and maintain the pleasant atmosphere.

To cultivate a climate of success, let the professionals at EvensonBest help you create a relaxing break room for your office. As a Knoll provider, they offer a wide range of custom office furniture solutions. Call (212) 549-8000 for their New York location, (908) 663-2700 for the New Jersey office, or (202) 540-5700 for the Washington DC office, and visit them online to view their gallery.

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