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Why Is It Important to Have Landline Phone Service? June 7, 2017

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Why Is It Important to Have Landline Phone Service?, Lavonia, Georgia

In an era where smartphones can complete nearly any task, some homeowners and business owners are abandoning landline phone service for the home and office. However, it can be smart to have a landline for a variety of reasons. TruVista serves commercial and residential areas in South Carolina and Georgia, providing reliable phone, cable TV, and Wi-Fi services.

To learn more about why it is important to have landline phone service for safety, security, and convenience, read their brief guide below.  

Why You Need Landline Phone Service 


This spring, the state of Florida experienced several 911 outages on the networks of popular wireless carriers. Wireless networks can collapse due to hacking, satellite issues, and power outages, but landlines will always be reliable in an emergency. Purchase a basic home or commercial phone service to provide yourself with peace of mind in the event that something goes wrong. 

Natural Disasters 

From hurricanes to fires and floods, wireless phone networks may become overloaded or go down completely during a natural disaster. Fortunately, you can keep your family, clients, and staff informed about your safety on a landline, no matter what event strikes. Power outages and mass communication will never down your landline. 

Lost/Broken Smartphones 

Phone ServiceIf you lose your smartphone, it may take some time to get a new one. Landline phones provide a backup if your cell needs repair or replacement—if you have children, customers, or a home office, landline phones can be reached so you do not lose time or money. 


Do you have a conference call this afternoon? Are you expecting an important call from a family member? Tell them to call your landline instead of your wireless phone. This service always receives better reception and rarely drops a call. 


Making the decision to keep a landline as a backup is both smart and affordable. To order landline phone service in Georgia or South Carolina, call TruVista at (803) 385-2191. For more information about their phone, Wi-Fi, and cable bundles, visit their website

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