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3 Benefits of Slate & Other Natural Stone Flooring June 22, 2017

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3 Benefits of Slate & Other Natural Stone Flooring, Anchorage, Alaska

It’s easy to think that your only interior flooring options are hardwood, tile, or carpet, but have you ever considered natural stone? Slate, marble, granite, and limestone can be beautiful features in any room, especially a kitchen or a bathroom. If you’re curious, stop by Rino’s Tile & Stone to see how slate, travertine, or other natural stones can fit into your interior design. As Anchorage, AK’s best spot for tiles, they know that natural stone has a variety of benefits that make it a great choice for flooring.

3 Benefits of Slate & Natural Stone Flooring

1. Design

slateNo two pieces of stone are identical. Every single piece has its own veining, coloring, and other natural characteristics, which add an exquisite feature to any room. There are thousands of different marble and granite in the world, so your options are almost endless. Even more monotone stones, like slate, have depth and dimension. A natural stone floor will be rich in texture and color, making it unique.

2. Durability

It makes sense that stone is a very strong material to work with. Many are almost impossible to scratch or crack and tend to be stain resistant, which makes it a fantastic option for the kitchen or bathroom. Granite is extremely hard, second only to diamond, and marble, which is often considered to be a softer stone, is very durable and can be treated with a stain sealer. Check with your contractor whether the stone you select needs to be sealed.

3. Temperature Control

Stone is naturally cool to the touch, which is especially wonderful in the summer or warmer climates. As a natural insulator, stone can help keep your energy bills down in the winter because it works well with radiant heat, allowing for a luxurious and energy-efficient way to heat your home.

If you’re ready to shop for your new stone floors, visit Rino’s Tile & Stone to browse their selection of granite, travertine, slate, and marble flooring in their large showroom. Give them a call today at (907) 743-1075, or check out their website for more information.

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