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Customer Spotlight: Frosty visits the Firehouse! May 17, 2017

Waupaca, Waupaca
Customer Spotlight: Frosty visits the Firehouse!, Waupaca, Wisconsin

Time to get out and visit in our community.

Our customers come from all venues. This trip I got to see some very special people and very special equipment What spokes-penguin doesn’t dream of being a hero! 

I didn’t waste any time trying to fit in. 




Trying on the air mask. “Luke, I am your father!!!” 






Steve Fenske was wonderful in showing me around the Fire House. So many great things I didn’t know our community had. Check out the Kubota for brush fires. So, this is what it would be like helping. I was an ace at driving and using the hose. (Well, Steve kinda had to help.)








Then, the moment every penguin dreams of…  

Driving A FIRE TRUCK! I could almost see myself waving to adoring fans in a parade.

The moment even got better. This fire truck has a …






Oh yeah! I left the door open and jumped out and climbed in. 

Anyone have a kitten in a tree to rescue?


I was enjoying my pretend rescue when I suddenly realized how far up I was.



Steve, help? I need a rescue now!












Maybe I am better equipped to help from the ground. Look at all those shiny buttons, gauges and levers.

Gary and the guys back at the All Temperature Systems shop would love to see all of this.   Should I open this one, Steve?








Do any of these work with this thing a ma gig? 








After looking around, I found some other neat stuff.


Check out these BIG SCISSORS!  The Jaws of Life...

Penguin Power to the rescue!





After deciding these were a little bigger than I thought, I resigned myself to shot-gun.

Maybe I can help give directions?








While waiting for a potential call, something right up my alley caught my eye.

Ice Commander- Water Rescue Suit!







It wasn’t long before Steve found me “hanging around.” 

I tried to ask if I could take the suit back to All Temp for me.  He was a little puzzled until I explained how helpful it might be to fix some of the big walk-in freezers or when cleaning ice machines.  Does this thing come with flippers instead of gloves?





We headed back in. There was one more place I could try.


“Calling All Units…Calling All Units”







I must have done alright because I was given something so special!








Looking around the inside of the station, I noticed lots and lots patches on the wall.



Steve explained that those patches represent other fire departments.





What a humbling thought. Our Waupaca Fire Department is all volunteer. Everyday citizens who are willing to take time away from family to take care of the rest of us. I walked away from my time having a whole lot of fun, but with a new appreciation of our terrific Waupaca Volunteer Fire Department.

Thank you, every one of you over there!

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