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5 Things to Bring to Your Wedding Dress Alteration June 2, 2017

New York, New York
5 Things to Bring to Your Wedding Dress Alteration, New York, New York

Your wedding dress fitting can be an exciting event. You want to make sure everything will be perfect for your special day, so paying attention to every detail is required. The talented team at Wo’s Custom Tailoring in New York City, New York, is committed to providing the highest standard of quality for each customer.  They will do their part to ensure your bridal gown fitting is a positive experience.                           

5 Things to Bring for Your Wedding Dress Alteration

1. Undergarments

Whether you’re going to wear SPANX®, a crinoline, or a corset underneath your gown, it’s important to bring your wedding lingerie to the fitting. Your undergarments can detract from or enhance the shape of your wedding dress. It’s wise to try on your undergarments with the dress to ensure there’s no bunching, revealed seams, or visible bra straps. Your custom tailor will be able to make alterations and suggest alternatives if needed.

2. Your Shoes

Wedding dress lengths are often too long and sometimes too short, so your tailor will need to adjust for the heels of your shoes. To ensure the correct length, the hem will need to be pinned while you’re wearing your wedding heels. The heel height will help the tailor determine the best position for the hem as the dress hem should just grace the floor. You can also practice walking, so the heels don’t snag the fabric and you know you can move easily. This will also help the tailor with fitting the dress.

Wedding Dress3. Accessories

Bring your veil and jewelry to the fitting to determine how well it pairs with your gown. After the tailor pins the dress, you can try on your jewelry and veil to make sure everything is coordinated to your liking. 

4. A Friend

Invite your Maid of Honor or another friend to come along for a different perspective. It’s important to have a supportive person who will help you express your needs to the tailor in the event there’s a problem, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Bringing your Maid of Honor is a splendid idea so the tailor can instruct her on how to help you put on the dress as well as lay the train for entrance to the ceremony. It will come in handy on your wedding day.

5. A Camera

Have your friend take a few pictures while you’re walking, sitting, and standing in your dress, so you can have a clear idea of how it looks from all angles. The camera can also pick up dress details missed in the moment.

When you’re ready to begin your wedding dress alteration, choose the experienced professionals at Wo’s Custom Tailoring in New York City. They can provide a suit fitting for your groom and custom tailoring for your entire wedding party. Call them today at (212) 988-9889 and visit them online for information on their tailoring services.

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