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Commercial Truck Dealership Offers Key Summer Maintenance Tips June 6, 2017

Cheektowaga, Erie
Commercial Truck Dealership Offers Key Summer Maintenance Tips, Cheektowaga, New York

Summer is on the way, and the team at Regional International Trucks & Trailers in New York wants you to be ready for the hotter weather! As the team at this commercial truck dealership explains, following a few key maintenance tips will help you get quality performance out of your vehicle in the months to come.

Pay extra attention to these maintenance tasks during the summer months:

  • Air Conditioning: Few things are more uncomfortable than driving a big rig that doesn’t have functioning air conditioning! Thankfully, Regional International Trucks & Trailers is currently offering discounted service on AC maintenance to help you keep cool.
  • commercial truck dealershipBatteries: Hot summer temperatures can prove especially problematic for your batteries, as heat will cause corrosion. Brush corrosion and residue away from the batteries and their cables and check their charge regularly. If the batteries are bloated, cracked, or have a weak charge, they likely should be replaced.
  • Belts & Hoses: Excessive heat can also contribute to wear and tear on your truck’s hoses and belts, especially when combined with vibration and contaminants. Experts at this commercial truck dealership note that you should squeeze your hoses to check for sponginess, abrasions, and other unusual issues. Check your belts for wear, misalignment, and low tension. Replacing these components in advance could help you avoid costly repairs later.
  • Tires: Summer’s heat can have a negative impact on your rubber tires, causing them to wear out more quickly—especially if they are under- or over-inflated. You should regularly check your tire pressure and tread depth to ensure that you have proper handling on the road and don’t experience a blowout.

With a knowledgeable and professional staff, the team at Regional International Trucks & Trailers will keep your heavy-duty trucks operating perfectly all summer long. To learn more about the truck services offered by this commercial truck dealership or to set up a service appointment, visit them online or call (716) 681-9500.