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3 Signs You Need Urgent Brake Repairs May 24, 2017

North Madison, Lake
3 Signs You Need Urgent Brake Repairs, North Madison, Ohio

Brakes are one of your vehicle’s most important mechanisms. They help you to control your speed, make sudden stops, and avoid dangerous collisions. If they begin to fail, you become a hazard to yourself and others every time you get behind the wheel. Worn brakes also make your vehicle more difficult to maneuver, impeding your driving experience. The only way to improve the safety and performance of your vehicle is through brake repairs.

Continue reading below as the auto repair experts from Madison Muffler and Auto in Lake County, OH, list the signs your vehicle needs brake repairs.

3 Indicators You Need Brake Repairs

1. Screeching Noises When You Brake

If you repeatedly hear a high-pitched screech each time you press on the brakes, it may be a sign your brake pads have begun to wear down. The screeching noise is typically caused by the pad’s wear sensor pressing against the rotor. As soon as you notice this screeching noise, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to avoid costly damages to the rotor and other components.

2. Reduced Vehicle Responsiveness

brake repairIf you feel as though your brakes are less responsive, the pedal sinks to the floor, or your vehicle pulls to one side every time you brake, there may be a leak in your system. The leak may be in your brake hose, or you may be leaking brake fluid. The pulling sensation could also be caused by debris in your fluid or your brakes coming out of alignment. The only way to know the exact cause is to visit your brake repair center for a complete evaluation.

3. Grinding or Vibrations

Any grinding or vibrations coming from your vehicle can spell serious trouble for your brakes. These sounds usually mean your brake pads have completely worn through and the backing plate is scraping against your rotor. If you do not get your pads replaced, your rotor will warp, and you will need to replace this as well. Replacing your rotor is significantly more expensive than replacing the brake pads, so it is important to keep your them in good shape.

If you are in need of brake repairs, an oil change, or a routine tuneup, call Madison Muffler and Auto at (440) 428-2677. For more information on the services available through this auto repair center, visit them online.