Koreatown, New York
7W 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001
There?s a reason why people think PINKBERRY when they think of frozen yogurt. Pick out of several delicious flavors, add some toppings, and enjoy cold desserts from the PINKBERRY on 32nd st in Koreatown.

Beat the Heat With a Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Smoothie May 16, 2017

Koreatown, Manhattan
Beat the Heat With a Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Smoothie, Manhattan, New York

Summer is almost here, which means the thermometer is on the rise. This year, don’t let the extreme heat get you down. Fight back with one of Pinkberrys refreshing frozen yogurt smoothies.

Smoothies: The Perfect Summertime Treat

smoothieSince they first opened in 2005, Pinkberry has been known for their bold, innovative flavors and their frozen yogurt smoothies are no different. The treat comes in three flavors: strawberry banana, mixed berry, and tropical mango. Each smoothie is blended real fruit and homemade frozen yogurt, so you can chill with every precious sip. Plus, if these fresh ingredients weren’t enough, they’re also packed with 12 grams of protein to fuel you throughout your summertime adventures.

Sip & Sample at Your Local Pinkberry!

The seasonal heat has met its match. Stop by your nearest Pinkberry to try these delicious smoothies for yourself. To browse additional frozen yogurt flavors, visit their website or like them on Facebook.