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A Local Towing Service Explains Vehicle Winching Basics June 7, 2017

Monument, El Paso
A Local Towing Service Explains Vehicle Winching Basics, Monument, Colorado

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a towing service, you’ve doubtless noticed not all companies use the same type of equipment to help your vehicle. As the team at Monument Towing in El Paso County, CO, notes, companies will use different types of towing equipment depending on the nature of the job at hand.

One commonly used tool to help recover stranded cars is a vehicle winching and wire rope system. This system utilizes a durable cable that is wrapped around a winch drum. On most vehicles, the winch uses a hydraulic motor to free-spool the wire. This wire is wrapped around the object that needs to be moved, and the winch retracts to pull both the wire and the object. This system is commonly used for getting overturned vehicles back into an upright position.

towing serviceWhile this process sounds fairly straightforward, those who work for a towing service know maintaining this system to ensure safe and dependable results requires a fair bit of work. For example, though the wire rope is quite strong, continued use will cause it to wear down, especially as the strands rub against each other while spooling or unspooling. Hooking the wire rope on itself or smashing or kinking it can also cause severe damage. Because of this, these cables are usually replaced after six months.

The winch also requires maintenance and care to continue working properly. Frequent lubrication, as well as monitoring for leaks from the unit’s hydraulic motor, are essential. Drivers must also be careful to engage and disengage the clutch at the right time to prevent damage to this crucial component.

If you’re looking for a reliable towing service in El Paso County, you can depend on the team at Monument Towing. They’ll recover your vehicle safely and quickly. Visit this company online to learn more about their roadside assistance services, or call (719) 481-2511 to request a tow.

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