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5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Tree Removal Service May 18, 2017

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5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Tree Removal Service, Milton, Pennsylvania

Backyard to-do lists often run long with tasks like mowing the lawn and cleaning out the gutters. You may have tree removal on your agenda, too, but do you have the skills and know-how to take care of it?

Travis Monk Tree Service in Union and Northumberland County, PA, specializes in tree removal. Here, they offer five facts to know before hiring a local company for your tree maintenance needs.

1. Licensure & Insurance

Tree removal services require special licensing to be contractors. Make sure the companies you’re vetting have the required paperwork. It’s also imperative they have insurance to protect their employees in case of workplace accidents, and to cover any property damage that may occur.

2. Estimates

Cost is a key factor in any hiring decision, and a tree removal company is no exception. Call a few local businesses and explain your needs. Ask for estimates and compare prices to find the company that’s best for your backyard job.

3. Employee Experience

tree removalHow long has each tree removal company been in business? What training do their employees have to go through before they can provide removal services? These are critical questions to ask the companies you’re choosing from. You want to hire one that prepares their employees, so they can remove your tree safely and efficiently.

4. Extra Costs

Some tree removal services offer free stump grinding, while others charge an extra fee. Make sure you discuss these offerings before you decide on a company so you can get the best value.

5. Positive Reviews

Now that you’ve gathered all these facts, seek some outside opinions to further your decision-making process. Turn to websites like Yelp and Angie’s List to see what others have said about various tree removal services. Look for reviews that mention timeliness, professionalism, safety, and reasonable costs. 

With these telling questions in mind, direct your tree removal queries to Travis Monk Tree Services. Call (570) 490-4634 or visit the website to find more information on their 24-hour emergency services.

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