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Auto Mechanics Answer 3 Questions About Electrical Systems June 14, 2017

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Auto Mechanics Answer 3 Questions About Electrical Systems, Anchorage, Alaska

While most vehicles on the road today still run on gasoline, they also rely on electricity. Cars operate on their own electrical systems, and understanding how these systems work can come in handy when something in your vehicle malfunctions, from the ignition to the instrument panel. Here, the auto mechanics from Dean's Automotive Service Center in Anchorage, AK, answer some of the most frequently asked questions about electrical systems.

Auto Mechanics Address 3 Electrical System FAQs

1. What Exactly Is an Auto Electrical System?

Your car's electrical system is composed of three main parts: the battery, alternator, and starter. To start your car, the battery provides energy to the starter, and the alternator powers the battery. Each of the three relies on the others. If one doesn't work, your car's electrical system can't function, and your vehicle won't run.

2. When Do I Need to Replace My Car’s Battery?

auto mechanicThere are several ways to tell if it’s time for a new battery. Two of the main signs of an aging battery are if your engine cranks for a while every time you try to start it, and if your battery is consistently draining overnight. But the only way to know what’s causing these problems for certain is by taking your car to an auto mechanic. 

3. What’s the Difference Between a Bad Battery & a Faulty Electrical System?

If your car has trouble starting, or won't start altogether, many people assume this is because of a bad battery. But it could also be the result of an issue with the electrical system. A defective electrical system can drain the battery or, in other cases, draw too much power from it, resulting in blown fuses, melting plastic, and smoke. Don't automatically assume you have an old battery; it could be the electrical system is just not utilizing your battery properly. 

Car electrical systems may only have a few parts, but the variety of issues that can arise are great in number. Dean's Automotive Service Center has experienced auto mechanics who can handle all kinds of car problems, from electrical issues to tire rotation and auto body shop work. The team's premium diagnostics equipment will pinpoint your problem in no time, minimizing hassle and getting your car back to you as quickly as possible. Visit their website to see a summary of their services, or give them a call at (907) 276-5731. 

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