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Beyond Laptop Repair: How Does RAM Speed & Timing Impact Computer Performance? May 16, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
Beyond Laptop Repair: How Does RAM Speed & Timing Impact Computer Performance? , Staten Island, New York

If you’ve ever purchased a new computer, you’re likely familiar with the term “random access memory” (RAM). Being familiar with terminology and understanding its processes, however, are two very different things. As the premier laptop repair service in the Staten Island, NY, area, Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. knows computers inside and out. This knowledge base allows the talented team to provide reliable information to customers so they can make more educated computer decisions.

When it comes to RAM, there are three distinct elements to be aware of: speed, timing, and storage. RAM speed is essentially how fast data is transferred—the bigger the number, the quicker the RAM speed. RAM timings differ from speed in that they measure the delay in internal computations, usually noted by CAS Latency, or CL for short. If RAM has a timing of CL9, it takes the module nine clock cycles to deliver any given action. The lower the number a module has, the less latency it possesses.

laptop repairThis, of course, begs one question—how much does RAM speed and timing matter? The answer depends on the computer’s purpose. For the majority of computer users or those just looking for laptop repair for their old faithful machine, it’s not a major factor. RAM speeds and timing are largely undetectable by most users, since they don’t directly affect the outward performance of the computer. For the technologically minded, however, having a high-performance PC with blazingly quick RAM speed and timings will provide a sense of security in knowing your computer is running at peak power.

Being more technologically literate is never a bad thing, and understanding the more nuanced features of computers will undoubtedly give you more confidence going forward. Whether you’re educated on the details of your computer’s processes or are just looking for basic laptop repair, Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. is ready and willing to assist. For more information, call (718) 317-1263 or visit the website today.

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