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5 Don'ts if You Have a Cracked Windshield May 23, 2017

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5 Don'ts if You Have a Cracked Windshield, Lincoln, Nebraska

Experiencing a cracked windshield is a common problem in the United States. In fact, windshield replacement is the number one reason for insurance claims, and the auto glass repair experts at Capital Auto Glass in Lincoln, Nebraska, warn that while it might be tempting to ignore a cracked windshield, it’s not a safe choice. In fact, there are a few important don’ts if you’ve got cracked or chipped auto glass.

Got a Cracked Windshield? 5 Don’ts

1. Don’t Use the Defroster

Sometimes, a defroster is necessary to clear fogged-up windshields on colder mornings, but applying heat to cold glass suddenly can cause cracks to spread and break your windshield completely. Instead, warm your car using its heater before turning the defroster on.

2. Avoid Car Washes

Driving your car through an automatic car wash or using a pressurized spray could put pressure on your cracked windshield, causing it to worsen or break entirely. It’s best to avoid washing your windshield until the crack is repaired.

3. Don’t Turn Up the AC

cracked windshieldAs mentioned above, extreme temperatures can cause damaged glass to crack more. Whether you’re tempted to turn the heat or air conditioning on full blast, don’t. Allow the interior of your car to heat up or cool down slowly.

4. Avoid Jolting the Vehicle

Even the smallest action can cause a cracked windshield to suffer more damage. Don’t slam your car door, drive over bumps at high speeds, or hit the brakes quickly. Any of these could result in a total windshield replacement instead of auto glass repairs.

5. Don’t Drive

If the crack is 12 inches or longer, you shouldn’t risk driving. Windshields with large cracks are prone to shattering unexpectedly and easily. A windshield replacement will be needed for your car to pass a safety inspection.

Fortunately, the technicians at Capital Auto Glass specialize in repairing and replacing cracked windshields. Visit them online or call (402) 421-6653 to schedule your repair today.

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