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4 Funeral Home Etiquette Tips May 23, 2017

Bristol, Hartford County
4 Funeral Home Etiquette Tips, Bristol, Connecticut

There are certain expectations when it comes to visiting funeral homes. From formal attire to appropriate behavior, these facilities require guests to adhere to etiquette fitting for the occasion. If you’re attending a funeral and are unsure what’s expected, there’s no need to worry. Dunn Funeral Home is a leading professional in Bristol, CT, and offers some insight below as to what’s required while visiting a funeral home.

It can be unnerving to attend a memorial service without prior knowledge of how to conduct oneself. To eliminate any uncertainty, here are essential etiquette tips from Dunn Funeral Home.

4 Funeral Home Etiquette Tips

What to Wear 

funeral homeBlack is no longer the only color associated with funerals. While it’s still the first to come to mind, brighter hues such as white and yellow are also welcome. Many people select colors that were once their loved one’s favorite as a way to honor their memory. All that’s asked is that you dress modestly to avoid distracting from the service.


Showing up on time for a funeral or memorial service is imperative. Make your way there early to account for unforeseen traffic or parking delays. If you arrive after the ceremony started, it’s polite to wait for a break in the service before entering the room. This will prevent disrupting the speakers and will help maintain the proper level of respect.


Knowing whether or not to bring your children to the funeral service is a decision that should be considered carefully. If they’re old enough to understand what’s going on and can stand to sit still for extended periods of time, then visiting the funeral home could be a vital component of their healing process. However, to avoid disturbances, you may want to secure a babysitter for infants and younger toddlers.


Leave the phone in the car or keep it on silent. While these devices may be convenient to have on hand, they can interrupt the ceremony if not stored away. Also, don’t take photos or video of the funeral service unless you’ve been invited to by the immediate family as this could be construed as disrespectful and inappropriate.

These few steps will go a long way toward reducing any anxiety you feel about visiting a funeral home. If you’re interested in learning more about the funeral services that are offered by Dunn Funeral Home, call (860) 583-9219. Visit their website for additional information.

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