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What Kind of Leach Field is Best For Your Home? Tips From The Septic Tank Service Experts December 8, 2014

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What Kind of Leach Field is Best For Your Home? Tips From The Septic Tank Service Experts, Palmyra, New York

If you’re planning a new septic tank installation, or need extensive septic tank repairs, you may also need to consider which type of leach field would be most appropriate for your home. All leach fields operate along similar principles, with effluent (wastewater) being cleaned by microbes before entering the water table.  Some systems treat the effluent before it enters the leach field. 

Zinks Septic Solutions in Palmyra, NY is glad to explain where the differences lie between different types of leach fields:

  • Conventional leach fields consist pipe and stone or Infiltrator® chambers in a trench format with a septic tank and distribution box.  Soils must have an acceptable percolation rate and be a minimum of 24" above the water table.  This is the most common system that is used in the majority of residential homes.
  • Advanced Enviro-Septic® systems (commonly known as a Presby system) is a system using no mechanical devices.  The speciality pipe creates a hospitable environment for bacteria to treat the effluent before it goes into the soil while retaining solids in the pipe.  This system is vented and encased in specified system sand.
  • Jet® and Norweco® residential wastewater treatment plants actively aerate wastewater for more efficient microbial activity which takes place within a buried tank. This system contains mechanical devices and requires yearly maintenance. It does allow for a smaller footprint at the dispersal site.
  • Infiltrator Chamber Systems® are a plastic chamber in a gravel less leach field.  Varying chamber sizes allow for a reduction in the size of the field.  This system is less labor intensive to install.

Some of the factors that determine what kind of leach field would be most appropriate for your home include the soil types and watershed sensitivity in your area, the results of a percolation test, and the number of bedrooms in the home. 

So if you're in Canandaigua, Mendon, Perinton/Fairport, Rush, Victor, Farmington, Palmyra, Macedon, Walworth, Pittsford, Penfield, Bristol, Naples, Henrietta, Webster, Newark, or the surrounding area, be sure to call Zinks Septic Solutions at (315) 359-0733 to discuss wastewater treatment for your home or to schedule septic tank service today. You can also visit their website for more information. 

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