Downtown Seattle, Washington

4 Reasons to Choose Excellence in Housekeeping as Your Go-to Cleaning Service May 24, 2017

Downtown Seattle, Seattle
4 Reasons to Choose Excellence in Housekeeping as Your Go-to Cleaning Service, Seattle, Washington

When you’re seeking high-quality housekeeping, you need a cleaning service that you can rely on. Whether it’s basic chores or a top-to-bottom spring cleaning, the team at Edgewood, WA’s Excellence in Housekeeping is the greater Seattle area’s go-to choice. Read ahead to discover four great reasons why these experts are the ones for the job.

4 Factors That Set Excellence in Housekeeping Apart From Other Cleaning Services

1. Owner Involvement

As the company’s owner, Renee Pace goes above and beyond. She invites clients to call with any questions or concerns, and you can expect a return call within 24 hours—a fast turnaround time that ensures all of your needs get met. Renee oversees every detail of each housekeeping job, no matter how big or small the task. Her high standards will leave your home sparkling each and every time. 

2. Skilled Staffimage

The staff at Excellence in Housekeeping is truly excellent. Each staff member goes through a three-month training period before they start working, so they know exactly how to conquer move-ins and move-outs, spring cleaning, and everyday chores with a dedicated, personalized touch. With ample training at hand, this cleaning service knows how to get the job done right. 

3. Unbeatable Reputation

As the largest residential cleaning company in Seattle, Excellence in Housekeeping stands out. In a large metropolis, this business’s reputation continues to grow, and it’s all based on word of mouth from satisfied clients.

4. Unmatched Attention to Detail

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cleaning service that matches the depth and attention to detail of Excellence in Housekeeping. They’ll eliminate every last speck of dust, leave every room spotless and shining, and keep your residence smelling fresh. The team will clean every detail down to your dog’s water dish, so you can prepare for a fresh, renewed residence every time Excellence in Housekeeping comes through.

To learn more about the Seattle area’s premier cleaning service and their wide array of offerings, visit the professionals online. To schedule your next cleaning, give them at call at (206) 501-8302 today!

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