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Call the Mechanic: 4 Signs Your Engine Needs Repair May 30, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Call the Mechanic: 4 Signs Your Engine Needs Repair, Anchorage, Alaska

While the check engine light is an incredibly helpful tool to alert you of pending engine trouble, it doesn’t always catch all issues. As a driver, it’s your responsibility to know when it’s time for auto repair, and knowing the top signs of engine problems can go a long way in determining the right time to call a mechanic. The specialists at Dean’s Automotive Service Center in Anchorage, AK, have shared their common telltale signs that you might have some engine trouble on the way.

If you notice any of these issues while driving, it’s time to call a mechanic for an assessment:

  • A Jerky Ride: Your car should always move smoothly, whether you’re cruising along, accelerating or braking. Any jerking to the side or surging forward is a sign of an engine problem that needs to be addressed right away.
  • Odd Sounds: If your car starts to make a sound it’s never made before, it probably isn’t a good thing. Popping could be a result of premature denotation in your cylinders, while grinding might mean you need a new transmission. Turn off the radio and roll down your windows while going at a relatively slow speed—this gives you a chance to hear those sounds you might otherwise be oblivious to.
  • mechanicBad Smells: All cars naturally have some smells that accompany them, such as gas. If a smell starts to overwhelm you, though, then you should definitely seek the professional guidance of a mechanic. The smell of burning rubber, for example, could indicate that a belt needs replacing, or a strong smell of exhaust could mean that dangerous carbon monoxide is making its way into the cab.
  • Leaky Fluids: Make it a habit to look at the spot where your car was parked when you leave each morning to check for any possible leaking substances. Leaks get expensive if you need to keep replacing the fluid, or if you forget to replace the fluid and parts start to wear down prematurely. It’s best to get these fixed ASAP.

Your mechanic at Dean’s Automotive Service Center can help you with those emergency engine repairs and provide routine maintenance to keep your car in great shape, including oil changes and tire rotations. They pride themselves on providing trustworthy, knowledgeable service. Feel free to visit them online to meet their dream team, then call (907) 276-5731 to talk about what your car needs.

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