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The Pros & Cons of Fingerprint Locks May 22, 2017

New York, New York
The Pros & Cons of Fingerprint Locks, New York, New York

Biometric scanning technology is the future of security, limiting access to locations to an individual's unique physiological characteristics instead of a physical key. If you need tight control over your facility, along with detailed records of who goes in and out, a fingerprint lock may be just what you're looking for. However, before you invest in a cutting-edge device, take some time to consider the pros and cons.

Advantages of Fingerprint Locks

fingerprint lockSome of the pros involved are fairly obvious. For instance, thieves may be able to steal a password, PIN, or key, but they won't be able to fake a fingerprint. Not only do fingerprint locks provide a heightened level of security, but they also allow you to strictly control the movements of an employee or contractor. For instance, the software that comes with most fingerprint locks allows you to give someone access to one area of a building but not another, while someone else might have a different set of permissions. Using mechanical locks, a similar setup would require an assortment of keys passed out to a variety of individuals.

Disadvantages of Fingerprint Locks

There are a few downsides to installing fingerprint scanning technology. The first is the cost, which can be prohibitive to some small businesses. However, technological advances are bringing down the price all the time, and even some cell phones have fingerprint scanners. Another con is unreliability. Some low-quality equipment will often fail to recognize authorized users if their fingers are sweaty or the reader is oily. If you're considering installing a fingerprint lock, make sure you call a qualified locksmith who will supply you with the best materials on the market.



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